Nurburgring Full Circuit

  • $ 79.99

Crafted Sculpture of the 16.1 mile Nürburgring Full Circuit, a combination of the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix course. It is located in the village of Nürburg, Germany. Nicknamed "The Green Hell" by Sir Jackie Stewart, this famous configuration includes both the old North Loop built in the 1920s and the newer Grand Prix circuit built in 1984. These race track sculptures are precision CNC routed from 26 laminated layers of beautiful Baltic Birch and covered with the topping of your choice.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR NURBURGRING: Due to the huge number of turns on this race track, the line-thickness of the Nurburgring sculptures is slightly narrower than our standard sculptures (0.75" as opposed to 1.0".) This allows the corners to be much better seen and appreciated.

Full sized sculptures measure 32" across at their widest point, 1.0" wide, and 1.5" deep. Half sized sculptures measure 18" across, 1/2" wide, and 3/4" deep.